The Giant Gila Monster

The teen-centric drive-in fare continues! Terrible music, terrible plot…but not a terrible lizard! No, the Gila is just plan cute, all chubby and nubbly with a long forked tongue. I know what I want for christmas, hint hint.

Rods and Reptiles!

Fact: Extra-large lizards were the leading cause of car crashes in 1959.

Teenagers from Outer Space

Ah, teen angst. Fighting off aggressive bullies, wearing awkward clothing, feeling the first strirrings of puppy love for the girl next door…and finding out the Supreme Leader is actually your dad. Oh, and let’s not forget the giant lobsters. What, that didn’t happen to you in high school? Guess you ain’t a Teenager from Outer Space, then.

Jocks do have a weakness: disintegration rays.


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Night of the Demon

If today is just one of those days where you invariably wind up thinking “Man, it’s been ages since I saw a good movie where a Bigfoot monster forces two girl scouts to stab each other to death,” well, fret no more! We’ve got a brand new review to point you in the right direction! The direction of Night of the Demon, naturally.

My, what big feet you have!

You know what they say about that…

Bride of the Gorilla

Looking for an upbeat film with a cheerful jungle jackanape or two? Brother, are you in the wrong place. Unfortunately for you, all we’ve got is Bride of the Gorilla. So sit back, prop your eyelids open, and enjoy. Hey, it ain’t so bad…

You’ll go ape!

Now get the hell out before things get real hairy.

The Terror of Tiny Town

One of the most exploitative exploitation films you’ll ever see, and it’s a Western to boot! Yep, I fought off a nasty bought of tuberculosis just so I could have the pleasure of reviewing The Terror of Tiny Town for y’all. Enjoy….or I’ll come cough on ya!

Draw, you sidewinder!

And watch out for puns!

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Godmonster of Indian Flats

Baaa! Er, booo, that is. It’s Halloween, and we’ve got a brand new review! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even be shocked and horrified. To be honest, it’s pretty shocking that Godmonster of Indian Flats was every made in the first place…

That lamb’s on the lam!

So much wooly terror, you could knit a sweater out of it. 

The Touch of Her Flesh

Ever seen a nude woman running down the stairs of a woodworking shop carrying a crossbow? If so, you’ve probably just been watching The Touch of Her Flesh! Yes, this notorious black and white roughie is the subject of our new review. A sleazy, sloppily dubbed mess of boobs and murderous psychopaths served up for your pleasure!

Women. What can ya do with em, right guys?

Anyone for a misogynistic killing spree or two?

Night of the Bloody Apes

What do you call it when a director remakes an old film of his, then another guy steps in and adds more sex and violence, and finally the whole mess is poorly translated into English? Why, Night of the Bloody Apes, of course!

Oooga booga!

Now that’s one mean monkey-man. 

What kind of movies do we like?  Groovy movies!

The Incredible Melting Man

A new review just for you! Today we’ve got a gooey little picture called The Incredible Melting Man. Naturally. So bring along your geiger counters and follow me!

Eurgh, what did I just step in?

Mmm, slimey.